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Hydraulic splitter

BODM 20-01

Are you ready for the future of wood splitters?

WoodSplitter BODM 20-01 offers it to you today.

The splitter was designed on the basis of precise mathematical and physical calculations, simulations and long-term testing in the most difficult conditions. The novelty on a global scale combines the best materials, extremely precise workmanship, top-quality finishing and a completely new concept of power transmission. WoodSplitter is created for the purpose of safer, faster and easier preparation of wooden logs.

WoodSplitter is here for you.
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Product details

Dimezije WoodSplitter cepilnika
Dimezije WoodSplitter cepilnika
Dimezije WoodSplitter cepilnika


BODM 20-01


Hydraulic cylinder


Hydraulic cylinder for a machine with a hydraulic cylinder.

Splitting force [t]


Ax stroke [mm]


The max height of the splitter [mm]


Grafting height on table up to [mm]


Splitting diameter up to [mm]

100 - 1500

Splitting speed [cm / s]

7 (depending on the working machine)

Splitting time / return stroke [s / 1050 mm]

13 (depending on the working machine)

The required output of the machine [kW / hp]

30 HP (working machine weight - minimum 2t)

Weight [kg]


Dimensions HxWxD [mm]

580 x 420 x 1545

Oil quantity [l]

6 liters in the splitter (without working machine)

Noise level [dB]

0 dB (this does not take into account the noise of the machine on
to which the splitter is connected)

Purpose of use


The splitter is intended exclusively for use in forestry for longitudinal grafting perpendicular to the growth sawn tree cuttings in accordance with these instructions.


Read the instructions carefully before use and make sure you understand them correctly. Any use

outside this framework is considered unintended. The manufacturer does not guarantee damage resulting from improper use. In this case, the risk is borne by the user.


Use only original equipment and spare parts recommended by the manufacturer. Own

processing on the splitter excludes the manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee for damage caused in connection with that.


Hidravlični cepilnik bager
Hidravlični cepilnik bager
Hidravlični cepilnik bager
Hidravlični cepilnik bager
Hidravlični cepilnik bager

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